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"When they don't see us, we don't exist." - Crystal Echo Hawk, Illuminative


  • Indigenous youth worldwide are currently experiencing a serious mental health crisis.

  • ​Native and Indigenous youth are roughly 4 times more likely to commit suicide.

  • The majority of Americans know little to nothing about Native Americans.*

  • Many Americans are not clear how many Native peoples still exist.*

  • Many reservations have declared National State of Emergencies for suicide, receiving little to no press or action from State and National governments.

*Reclaiming Native Truth Extensive Research Study 2018

Invisibility is one of the biggest barriers Native peoples face

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Spreading awareness toward important issues like Native mental health and Indigenous suicide rates is always a motivation. Why? With 80% of Americans in the dark about important Native American issues, it makes it impossible to come together to effectuate change. Even though the crisis continues to grow, Government policies and federal funding toward these urgent issues has remained severely inadequate. It is up to all of us to continue to spread awareness so that we can bring a wider voice to these issues. State and Federal Governments have no motivation to implement long-term plans or funding toward Native mental health. Let's make a pledge to heal together by making this issue a National concern.   


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